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Four Ways To Reduce Costs For Your Loved One's Funeral Service

Discussing money may be difficult when you are planning a funeral service for a loved one, but funerals can be expensive. It's important that you have the tools you need to negotiate a price you can afford while still giving your loved one the tribute he or she deserves. If you aren't looking for direct burial or cremation, here are some steps you can take to cut costs and still plan a beautiful ceremony.

Discuss Your Concerns

Funeral home directors work with people from all financial backgrounds, and they have experience helping people plan modest but respectful funeral services. Discuss your budget with the funeral director and make a list of the things you don't want to skip. For example, you may be willing to go for a less expensive casket if that means you can afford limousine service for the family. Your funeral home director can help you balance your budget to ensure nothing is missed.

Skip The Flowers

Funeral flowers can be beautiful, but they can also be costly. Chances are, friends, family members, and co-workers will be sending along sympathy baskets and bouquets. You can use these flowers to decorate the chapel, and you can opt for simple ribbons or a casket blanket to add a perfect finishing touch. Your funeral home may even have silk flower arrangements that can be rented for a nominal fee to replace fresh flowers and lower your costs.

Host The Services Graveside

If you are already planning on having a graveside service, consider having the entire funeral near the burial plot. This can save you the money that might otherwise be spent on the funeral home chapel, and it means you won't have to worry about a procession from the funeral home to the cemetery. Discuss alternative options in the vent of foul weather, as the cemetery may have a pavilion or indoor area you can use during rain or snow storms.

Opt Out Of Embalming

In some cases, you can skip the embalming procedure completely to save money on the cost of a funeral. If your family wants to have the services right away, you may want to consider this option. It's also an option if there will be a closed casket for the funeral service. Be sure to discuss this with your funeral director, as some states may have regulations requiring embalming or some other means of preparing the body for burial. If you are required to have your loved one embalmed and you are still planning on a closed casket, you can also opt out of cosmetic services. In some cases, families feel more comfortably doing the hair and makeup for their loved one, which saves money and provides a few final moments with the dearly departed.

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